Windows 10 First Impressions

So I upgraded my Windows 7 primary system to Windows 10 and so far I really like it. Windows 8 and 8.1 were certainly stillborn if not DOA. Here are some of my likes and hates. Yes, hates because dislikes simply are not strong enough.

What I like:

  • Calendar view when you click on the time.
  • Multiple desktops.
  • Scroll for non-focused window.
  • Faster than my Win7.
  • No window boarders.
  • Notification windows.

What I hate:

  • UAC, you still cannot turn this useless thing totally off like in Windows 7. For god sakes even Visual Studio cannot be run normally unless you choose to run it as Admin. As if a developer would not be the admin of their own machine.
  • If you hide the stupid Most Used and Recently Added and all the other stupid shortcuts the left side of the start menu is blank.
  • Most Used is ALWAYS wrong
  • Small tiles are not the icon full size.
  • Default network type is public and you must change a toggle in a stupid place to make it private.
  • Defender cannot be turned off. As a developer this kills my system by scanning every single app and file I compile and copy.
  • Cannot right-click and have defender scan a file.
  • File explorer still has those stupid descriptions in the title bar.
  • STUPID issue with mouse that stops at windows boarders with multiple displays when your moving it at just the right speed. I changed the registry to kinda fix it but it still does it on one of my displays. What moron believed that stoping the mouse from moving to the next display was bad?
  • No dark theme from the menus.
  • No gadgets.
  • Too many privacy settings I need to disable.
  • Cortona, always runs even if you disable the search service which I do.
  • Desktop with no wireless is stuck in Airplane mode. Seriously this is stupid, you cannot even turn it off.
  • Windows search in taskbar, luckily you can turn that shit off.
  • Start menu has stupid letters, as if an idiot cannot figure out the folders are alphanumeric.
  • Start menu folders cannot have subfolders.


After using my system for 4 days it for some reason decided that it was not activated. So I had to burn one of my MSDN Windows 10 keys.