Move to RhodeCode

In an era of online source repositories I still maintain private repositories on my own servers and recently I decided to move them to RhodeCode.

Being a Mercurial user the setup of a hosting solution is just not the greatest. I’ve used the built in hosting using Apache as the host now for several years and wanted the features of Bitbucket for my local repositories and this product delivers.

Why use a hosted solution when Mercurial and Git have the full repository local? Simple two words “Multiple workstations”, I have multiple laptops and multiple desktops that I use for code development and the ability to push changes to a central server works great. I know others which simply place their repositories in dropbox or use other syncing software but I like having a proper host that understands the repository back-end.



As I’m hosting this on a Windows server I liked the simple install. It does not interfere with any of my existing services and included everything I needed. The worst thing about most host your own solutions is the installation and the numerous requirements not included with the distribution. Many simply do not work on a Windows system.


The configuration was very easy. The only thing which I had to manually configure was my email server settings located in the production.ini file.

For the repositories I just changed the path it expected the repositories and once I told it to scan this folder all my existing repositories showed up.


  • Ability to tree repositories.
  • Permissions are very nice.
  • Interface is fast.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Personal and public Journal.
  • Gist support.
  • Very nice diffs.


It does not currently run as a service. There some information in the forums about how to do it via a third party app but having my own application which could do the same I simply used it.

I would like to see an easier way to manage the permissions for multiple groups at the same time. It does fully support users and groups, having to go to each repository to add the same group with the same permission is a pain.

Wish List

  • Themes.
  • Run as service.

Final Thoughts

This project is so nice I’ll be moving my companies repositories to it very soon. If you want to host your own Git or Mercurial repositories on your own server then you should really give this project a look.