Plantronics Headset

I needed a new headset for my office phone. It’s a 9641G Avaya phone which I do like and supports bluetooth for headsets. Amazon had a deal on Plantronics headsets during black friday so I thought I would give one a try.

Comfort isn’t bad, after an hour or so I do need to remove them for for awhile but it’s not bad. I wear glasses so they still fit over the ear fine. They give me about 7 hours of life and work with my phone perfectly.

I only had a single issue, in that they didn’t seem to charge. They seemed to only charge if I squeezed them into the charger. I wasn’t sure if it was just the charging or something else until I attempted to connect them to my PC to change some of their options. Sure enough they would not stay connected unless I squeezed them into the charger.

I was going to return them but figured I would just get another pair that had the same build issue. So I elected to take my dremel to them. I simply carved out the charger a bit which you can see around the edges, which resolved all the charging and connecting issues.